Friday, 12 October 2018 12:16

Students' Workshop of Anti-War Cartoons "The Laugh is our Arms"


Sunday, 07.10. 2018.


Besides literary and fine arts competition "One Šumarice is enough for the world" for pupils and students, Memorial Park "Kragujevački oktobar" organizes three workshops for the children and teenagers of Kragujevac` s schools within that manifestation, as well.

Competition is held under support of the Ministry of Culture of Republic of Serbia and City of Kragujevac.

This year workshop of anti-war cartoon "The Laugh is our Arms" is organized for the first time, and participants were the students of Technical Vocational School, department technician- interior designer with their teacher Slobodan Stefanović, who was supervisor and adviser.

The students were acquainted with another manifestation of our institution "International Salon of Ani-War Cartoons", and after that they produced their own artworks inside Museum "21. oktobar." There, at the very source they pondered about senseless of wars, and extraordinary quality of their cartoons showed that message.

Students` cartoons will be exhibited in Museum "21. oktobar" during October.


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