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Painting colony On the road through time

The Memorial Museum 21st October
16/05/2015 – 20/06/2015

Exhibition of paintings and objects On the road through time

The exhibition of paintings and objects titled On the road through time opens at 21:00 in the Museum 21st October. Works, created in the paintning colony of the same name, will be displayed at the exhibition, whose participants are from Serbia, South Africa and SAD.
Creators were not conditioned by anything, time frame for creation was pretty flexible, from May till September, all painting media and techniques were acceptable, and it was only the topic that was set - variations to the topic of motorbike. It was conceived as conceptual scene of human striving for freedom because even since its appearance at the end of XIX century, motorbikes have been established as the symbol of freedom, liberty, speed, change.

The central part of the exhibition is a ready-made work, the original German motorbike from WW2. Unfortunately, to people living more than 70 years ago, it did not seem as a symbol of speed and restlessness at all, on the contrary. When tens of such specimens, unannounced, in files, with armed soldiers on them, suddenly and ominously appeared in the streets of our city, they looked like dark heralds of the loss of the same mentioned freedom and arrival of sufferings and death. But when freedom came, fascination by these „dangerous“ vehicles has continued where the war ceased it.

The same as during bike ride, guide in the artistic creation is freedom, liberty, creative inspiration without limitations and works to the topic of motorcycles speak about it.


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