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Exhibition of cover pages of the newspaper Student Front

The Memorial Museum 21st October, Gallery Fragment

19/06/2015 – 29/06/2015

It has been a year since our student newspaper Student Front came out as the paper not only of the Law University in Kragujevac, having in mind that there is almost no student printing in Serbia. In that sense our paper makes a rare exception, not only as media and communication means among students but also as follow-up of a wealthy tradition of student printing in Kragujevac which has lived through newspapers such as Mladi Mašinac, FAK, Ekonomac or Pravnik for more than half of the century.

We hope that this continuation of tradition will also mean the renewal of caring for higher cultural and journalistic standards which used to be achieved in the mentioned student papers and which brought up significant journalists and culture workers, where from the basis was recruited not only for what would become the foundation of professional journalism in our country but also the irreplaceable practice of understanding the social relations and trends before young experts would enter the professions such as judicature, law and legal practice in general. In circumstances of everybody’s uniformity, especially written media and the collapse of not only ethical but also aesthetic dimension of media, this effort seems more significant to us insofar. Especially because electronic communication media reduced the literary language to a kind of sequential tribal language, which lost its important meanings and nuances, insofar it is necessary to renew our future vocations.

All these are reasons for opting for continuation of this wealthy tradition by means of Student movement and we can be grateful to the Law Students Association, Ministry of Culture and information, Student Parliament as well as to our parent university for publishing it.

Andrej Petrović


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