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Graphic visions 2

The City Gallery the Balkan Bridges

30/07/2015 – 21/08/2015


The exhibition of  Mexican graphic artists María Luisa Estrada Sánchez, Jorge Humberto Herrera Noguez and Francisco Quintana Martinez.

The actors professionally grew at the Mexican University of fine Arts and Design (the National Academy of San Carlos, ENAP, UNAM). Their painting manuscript is evolved; they cherish conventional graphic techniques at a high level, but also combine them with new technologies. They are already reputable artists with a large number of international exhibitions and awards.

MARÍA LUISA ESTRADA SÁNCHEZ possesses conspicuous power of observance, which is formulated further on. With an intuition of a skilled graphic artist, she passes by and registers visually the streets of Mexico City, portrays them aesthetically by defining their content (Labyrinth, Negative growth, No way-out streets). Visual tours of various regions and elements which make an everyday life yield a lot of scenes and landscapes, and they altogether make the whole such as Mexico City. Line and surface, as protagonists, vary with rich and persuasive painting solutions. She uses plenty of lines, thus enabling linear painting treatment to grow into 3D.

JORGE HUMBERTO HERRERA NOGUEZ expresses author’s reflections related to limitations and paradoxes of contemporary person’s life, delusion of liberty, estrangements and lack of the respect for the logic of life (Crocodile street, Dictator, Carousel). Grill and cage structures link elements of composition, often living beings or their physical degradation which enable the recognizable whole. His graphic visions open the door to a deeper reality, yet black and white contrast emphasizes the author’s painting and thinking attitude. The trace of a tool which hollows the graphic board enables latter impression of a partial lightness.

FRANCISCO QUINTANA MARTINEZ makes graphics in corpuses  (Ascension, Corpus illuminis, Corpus verbum), suggests visual formula over which he shows key problems of life and art essence. He lightens inaccessible space and puts the resources of a long tradition at the service of paining strategy. With unbelievable metamorphoses of figuration and abstraction he achieves the vitality of the matter and unifies the powerful strength of physical and picturesque with skillful combination of various techniques. The body is revalued with thoughts in sequences such as modern emblems with shine of old gold and subtle transitions of texture and tonality. By using baroque medieval scenes, he „sees“ what makes the certain motif of the body different, emphasizes the value of the motif and put sit into contrasting context.

М.Sc. Leposava Miloševiæ Sibinoviæ, the project author


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