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Public work For more beautiful face of the Memorial park

01/09/2015 – 30/11/2015

The Memorial park Kragujevački oktobar in cooperation with the National Employment Agency carries out the public work For more beautiful face of the Memorial park. Works started on 01/09/2015 and will last until 30/11/2015 and five unskilled workers are engaged for them. They will be working in the following period on landscaping of the Memorial park in Šumarice: clearing of unwanted vegetation, arrangement of walking paths, removal of minor landfill etc. Having in mind that this memorial complex spreads over 352 ha, our objective is to put this area in order as much as possible through these works, the area that is visited every year by thousands of tourists from the country and abroad, and it is one of the most favourite picnic grounds of our citizens. The grounds of the old military cemetery were put in order and other grounds will be also arranged in the following days.

Activities carried out by the Memorial park and Public Utility Enterprise Zelenilo.

The Memorial park and Public Utility Enterprise Zelenilo (as the contractor) supported by the City administration, have carried out several landscaping activities in the area. This is about neglected grounds that are not included in the regular maintenance plan of Public Utility Enterprise Zelenilo. All started on 14/08/2015 with grass cutting and landscaping of area surrounding the lake dam in Šumarice followed by putting in order the grounds surrounding the drinking fountain (near Church), walking path going from the road toward Czechoslovakia cemetery and Voje Radiæ St., the surface in Šumarice housing area and around Majdan burial mound and soon there will be landscaping of the grounds from Croatian monument toward villa Čomić. With these activities the Memorial park institution would like to put this area, stretching to 352 ha, in order.

Cleaning of the Croatian monument and the Monument to resistance and freedom

On Monday 31/08/2015 employees of the Memorial park institution October in Kragujevac organized cleaning activities of the Croatian monument and the Monument to resistance and freedom, which were covered with unsuitable inscriptions and paintings. This is the opportunity to appeal to the citizens to treat this place with respect, to stop writing on monuments and thus desecrate them.


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