Friday, 12 February 2016 09:30

The culture and art program of the Memorial park was announced at the press conference

The Memorial museum 21st October



Events like OKTOH, Anti-war caricature showroom, the Great school lesson, the Vigil will make a part of October events this year as well, which is the manner with which Kragujevac cares for the memory of the most tragic date in its modern history but also sends a powerful anti-war message.

This year the program will be enriched by the literature encounter One Šumarice Are Enough To The Whole World and the University memorial race, the tribute to the class V/3, participated by students and professors of the University of Kragujevac – as announced at today’s press conference in the Memorial park. As for the central manifestation – the Great school lesson – the scenic view titled Between the sky and the ground will be performed based on the work Nišèi by the Kragujevac author Vidosav Stevanović.

This is the first time we have a prose work at the event the Great school lesson. Hitherto there have been mostly poems except for two cases when scenic scripts were prepared for performing at the Great school lesson. Given the fact that we also publish the author’s book every year, we tried to collaborate with Vidosav Stevanoviæ and collect his old and new texts, to the same topic which he occasionally adopted, also one for this special occasion, so the book will have three novels in addition to the scenario, thus making the whole. Its promotion will be held at the event  Vigil – according to Zoran Petroviæ, the editor of the publication of the Memorial park October in Kragujevac.

The direction of this year’s  Great school lesson was entrusted to the director Jan Èanja, the music director is Zoran Hristiæ, and the company of actors is composed of Marija Vasiljević, Nikola Rakočević, Ðorðe Ðokoviæ, Dragan Stokiæ, David Pilipović, Miloš Krstović, Nikola Milojević, Miodrag Pejković.

Оctober festival starts with OKTOH on 7th October in the hall of Prva kragujevaèka gimnazija. The innovation is the Belgrade philharmonic orchestra that has become a part of the OKTOH this year. The wind quintet of the Belgrade philharmonic orchestra will perform on the first night of the festival.

“When we speak of OKTOH, what is specific compared to the previous year is that the Belgrade philharmonic orchestra will organize four out of six concerts in total, which fits into their  decentralization concept in which way their music can be heard Serbia-wide“, says Slavoljub Jovanoviæ, the director of the Memorial Park. The events will be also complemented by the Nandor Gild’s exhibition in the Museum 21st October scheduled for 16th October, on which occasion the monograph Nandor Gild by Irina Subotiæ will be presented.

“We-as the city-are exceptionally proud of our engagement in the International association of peace herald cities, the idea of Anti-war caricature showroom originating from it, which has been organized in Kragujevac for 34 years, biennial. Thousands of works worldwide have arrived to the previous 18 showrooms and caricature exhibitions have been guests in some thirty cities in Europe as well as the United Nations building in New York and European Commission in Brussel. As far as I am familiar with, more than 800 caricatures, sent by 280 authors from 55 countries worldwide, have arrived at this year XVIII Anti-war caricature showroom.

The grand prix “Peace herald” and monetary award, granted by the International association of peace herald cities, belongs to the caricaturist from China. We will do our best to organize this year October festival, the same as previous ones, in a dignified manner, worthy of its date and memory and tradition of these events, also the strength of artistic and anti-war messages, we are sending from Kragujevac – says Boris Kovačević, the member of City Council for non-commercial sector.


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