Friday, 12 February 2016 09:30

Kouki Tsuriani

The City Gallery The Balkan bridges

15/10/2015 – 28/10/2015


Kouki Tsuriani

He was born in Tokio in 1967. He graduated at the Department of Painting at the Kanazawa Art Academy where he also mastered in 1992. He has exhibited at more than 50 independent and over 80 group exhibitions in Japan and worldwide. He won more than 20 international awards.

His works make the part of collections of the following institutions: the Congress Library (SAD), Kanzawa Art Academy (Јаpan),  Kurobe Art Museum (Јаpan), Contemporary Art Museum (Romania), Kirkwood Academy (SAD); Association of Museums for Painting and Sculpture (Turkey); The International Museum of Biennale od Graphic Arts (Italy), Collection of graphic prints of Aberystwyth (UK), Gdañsk culture archipelago (Poland), Culture Promotion Institution Gaude Mater (Poland), The Museum archives of Castiglione Abruzzo castle (Italy).
Tsurian almost exclusively creates monochrome (black and white) mezzotints, woodcuts sometimes, etchings and aquatints seldom; he only sporadically applies Chine-colle. In his own words, he combines elements of traditional Japan art with the tradition of European graphics in his works. The choice for the content of his works is imaginative and dreamlike contents of a powerful poetic expression.




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