Friday, 12 February 2016 09:30

Sculptures and graphics by Nandor Glid

The Memorial Museum 21st October

16/10/2015 at 19:00


Nandor Glid was one of the most influential sculptors of the second half of XX century in this region. He left behind a large number of monuments among which are: The Monument to the fallen soldiers in War of National Liberation in Trebinje (1953), The Monument to Yugoslavian victims in Mathausen (1957), The International monument in Dachau (1965), Ballad on the hanged (''Balada o obešenima”) in Subotica (1967), the Monument to the Jewish victims  in Yad Vashem, Jerusalem (1979), Menorah on fire (“Menora u plamenu”) in Belgrade (1990), Menorah on fire 2 (“Menora u plamenu 2”) in Thessaloniki (1997), erected after the sculptor’s death.

He left behind two famous works in Šumarice, the monument A Hundred for One (“Sto za jednog”) (1980) in the Memorial Park and one iconic, far recognizable work in the museum 21st October, installation October in Kragujevac (''Kragujevaèki oktobar“)' (1975 - 1976). Owing to the kindness of the artist's sons, the sculptor Gabriel and the painter Daniel Glid, the exhibition in the museum 21st October was organized with displayed sculptures of a gallery type and studies of his most notable monuments from a family’s personal heritage. The map of 12 lithographs makes a curiosity, name of which is the Holocaust, which portrays this creator as a great follower and a master of drawings.

19:00 – The start of exhibition Sculptures and graphics of Nandor Glid in the Memorial museum 21st October.  The exhibition to be opened by PhD Irina Subotiæ, the fine arts historian.

19:30 – In the cinema hall of the Museum 21st October PhD Irina Subotiæ shall speak of the creative work of the great artist and present the monograph on Nanor Gild, she was rewarded for with the prestigious award Doctor Lazar Trifunoviæ in 2012, which is granted for the best critical consideration of contemporary visual art in our country within a year.



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