Jelena Jovancov

09.07 – 22.07.2015.

The graphics exhibition The Illusive Reality or the Fake Reality in Reflections


„Jelena Jovancev deals with the phenomenon of reality in her exhibition The Illusive Reality or the Fake Reality in Reflections perceives it through the lenses of perceptive illusion and its physical projection, reflection. Actually, seen as an apparition it represents the absoluteness of her creative thinking. The reminiscences of Jelena Jovancov`s ideal standpoint can be found in Plato`s thinking that the visual artistic image is actually a ``reflection of the reflection``… What is real and what is unreal in her works, and to what extent they influence each other, it is difficult to say, but by having us in doubt the artist has achieved her goal to make us think about our own face and its reflection, to face our shadow-`` by a distorted copy of reality without the true reality.`` The principle of dualism which is the basis of the microcosmic and cosmic wholeness represents the base for her personal and visual artistic aspirations. However, the form and its shade cannot be pre-supposed without light which in a certain waterlike, polished and glasslike surfaces make a different spectre of reflections…``

Ljiljana Zeković, art historian

Jelena Jovancov was born in 1982 in Podgrica, Monte Negro. She studied at the Faculty of Visual Arts on Cetinje, Monte Negro (The University of Monte Negro) from 2002-2007 where she graduated at the streamline Graphics in the class of Professor Anka Bulic. From 2008 to2010 she took her masters studies (The Interdisciplinary Graphics) at the Faculty for Visual Arts, Cetinje. She defended her M.A. thesis in 2010. She has been a member of The Association of the Visual Artists of Monte Negro since 2008.  She has had 10 independent exhibitions and over 125 selected national and international exhibitions.  She got several awards for her work. She lives and works in Bar.



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