The Graphic Visions 2

30.07 - 21.08.2015.

The exhibition of Mexican graphic designers Maria Louisa Estrada Sanchez, Jorge Humberto Herrera Sanchez and Francisco Quintanar Martinez
The authors were formed at the Faculty of visual arts and design in the city of Mexico (The National Academy San Carlos, ENAP, and UNAM). They possess well-built visual arts handwriting, they nurture classical graphic techniques on a high level, but they also combine them with new technologies. They are already renowned artists with a great number of international exhibitions and awards.

Maria Louisa Estrada Sanchez possesses a great observation power which she constantly improves. With the insight of a deft graphic designer she goes through and visually marks the streets of the  Mexico City, portraying them and thus esthetically defines their content (The Labyrinth, The Negative Growth, Alleys with no way out). The visual excursion to different landscapes and elements which make everyday life bring about many sights and landscapes, and all of them together are one whole such is the City of Mexico. The line and the surface as the main actors vary in the rich and persuasive visual artistic solutions. She uses an abundance of lines which enable the linear visual arts treatment to grow into the three dimensional.

Jorge Humberto Herrera expresses his author reflections concerning the limits and the life paradoxes of life of a modern man, the illusion of freedom, alienation and disrespect of the life logics (The crocodile street, The Dictator, The Carousel). The grid and cage like structures connect the elements of the composition, often live beings or their physical degradation and enable the recognizable unity. Their graphic vision opens the doors to deeper reality, and the contrast of the black-white underlines the author`s visual artistic and reflexive attitude. The trace of the tool which cuts in the graphic plate and enables the impression of partial lightness which is created later on.

Francisco Quintanar Martinez makes corpse of graphics (Ascension, Corpus illumines, Corpus verbum), he suggests the visual formula which represents the key problems of the essence of life and art. He places the light into the inaccessible areas and resources of the long tradition and engages them in order to serve the modern visual arts strategy.  The extraordinary metamorphosis of the figuration and abstraction achieves the vitality of the matter, and by the combination of different techniques, he achieves the powerful strength of the body and visual arts completeness.  The body re-evaluated with the thoughts in the episodes such as the modern emblem with glitter of old gold and the subtle strokes of the texture and tonality. By using the Baroque Medieval representations he ``sees`` what makes the certain motive of the body different, he accentuates the value of that motive and places it into the contrasting context.

Мr Leposava Lepa Milosević Sibinović

Maria Luisa Estrada Sanchez
Born on 18th July 1983 in the Mexico City. She graduated in 2008 at the Visual Arts and Design at the National Autonomous University in Mexico (ENAP-UNAM), where she also took her Master’s degree in 2010 on the streamline Urban Art. She is currently the coordinator of the Atelier (Studio) for research and production of graphics Carlos Olachea at the Faculty of Arts and Design at the National University of Mexico.
Jorge Humberto Herrera Noguez
Born in 1977 in Mexico City. He studied at the Department for drawing and graphics at the Academy Sant Carlos at the Faculty of Arts and Design at the National Autonomous in Mexico (ENAP-UNAM), from 2000 to 2002. He specialized for working on the metal from 2000 to 2004.
Francisco Quintanar Martinez
Born 1st June 1971 in Mexico City. He graduated at the Department of Visual Arts at the Faculty of Arts and Design at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (FAD-UNAM). His works are a part of numerous collections of different museums and galleries around the world..


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