Georg Regek

18.09 - 30.09.2015.

Paintings exhibition

The strong and suggestive expressiveness of   painting, completely opposite to the author`s appearance calls for strong, deep and serious thinking trough. His works, although they can be visually seductive, do not look for enjoying the simplicity of the visual arts perception but a serious and responsible personal engagement.

 Although the artist can completely be satisfied by the achieved artistic and meaningwise value of his presented  work s, and he is aware of that himself, it is necessary, not only to pay attention to everything he speaks of, but also to take part in it all. It has been known for a long time that art and artist cannot change the world but can point to good or bad, and Georg Redzek, does so in his complete works persistently and without exception.
It has long been said that the only and true art is the one which makes the observer to be contemplative i.e. to observe the divine art in the presented pieces. Speaking of Georg Redzek’s works, the same observation is lifted to a higher level i.e. to promoting the provocative and positive awakening of the individual and collective awareness about oneself and the surroundings.


Luka Salapura

Georg Regek born in 1965 in Kragujevac. Graduated and took his master`s degree at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad.  The member of the Association of the Visual Artists of  Vojvodina.  
1995 the third award on the second Biannual Competition of aquarelles in Zrenjanin.
2001 The award for painting on the 30th Novi Sad Salon
2013The first award at  Saatchi online contest, Shonjdonjn: Big Cities, bright lights 2013, London



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