Marija Sibinović

02.10 - 13.10.2015.

The Graphics and Paintings Exhibition


"As her basic motif  Marija Sibinovic has a city in a series of graphics. In the modern architectural environment the purified form is applied as an aesthetic element in our everyday life.  Each single caption, each single work can be recognized as a part of a general impression, but at the same time each single piece has its own inner association and a special departure point. The elements of play which changed based on the light are interesting, as well as the refraction angle, in certain moments in the natural outer surroundings.  The cut outs are free integral elements from paintings which are structured according to a new immanent principle. This kind of cutting out the composition, the type of collage structuring is also differentiated according to the colour.  It has a decisive role in making up a certain impression and presence. The geometric elements, straight lines, general forms-thus can at first sight the artististic composition be presented, but deep behind the inner rhythm of colour is hidden as well as the personal transformation of some cadres, tense decomposition of lines, connected into one inner structure. The motif of the city is indifferently present; the architectural elements turn the composition into pure and   abstract forms. Each single work, as a part of a whole, contains its own charge, and the observer goes through a series of associations for thought, feelings and circumstances` initiation."

Biljana Dobreva

Marija Sibinovic was born in 1989 in Belgrade.  She graduated in 2012 and finished her master studies in 2013 at The Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade in the class of prof. Mirjana Tomasevic, the Department of Graphics and Books.
She took part in about 50 exhibitions in the country (Belgrade, Kraljevo, Majdanpek, Sabac, Gornji Milanovac, Cacak, Novi Pazar, Smederevo, Kovin), Bosnia and abroad: Mexico (Mexico City, Puerto Vayarta), Bulgaria (Sofia, Plovdiv, Sliven), Bosnia and  Herzegovina (Sarajevo, Banja Luka), China. She had independent exhibitions in Belgrade and Sliven (Bulgaria). Apart from classical painting-graphic techniques, she researches in the area of expanded media. She is a student of the interdisciplinary doctoral studies at the University of Art in Belgrade, the module for Multimedia Arts, the member of The Association of the Visual Artists of Applied Arts and Designers of Serbia since 2015. She lives and works in Belgrade.


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