Kouki Tsouritani

15.10 - 28.10.2015.

The graphics exhibition

"...Expecting to stir interest and provoke us as observers to discover and feel some of our lost memories, he actually at first, and perhaps simultaneously also, introduces us to his personal memories as well as into his world of imagination and dreams. Diving into this intertwined composition of different imaginary experiences, ours and his, in the fairytale regions and landscapes, we stop and observe, give in and are succumbed by the overwhelming emotions sea-shaped and are a burden on its waves. And at the moment when we believe that the sea has left us on its shores and has withdrawn, at the same very moment the new wave comes after us, it lifts and lifts us and we are again overwhelms as is the imaginary and displaced world around us. The water underneath us which lifts us and puts us down, carries and swings, takes us away and brings us into the world of dreams. For me personally it is enough to awake the poet in me. And I can only vaguely imagine the philosopher who sleeps invisibly at the bottom of a boat, not imagining in his wildest dreams what temptations await him when he wakes up…``


Zvonimir Kostić Palanski

Kouki Tsouritani was born in Tokyo in 1967. He graduated at the Department for Painting at the Art Academy of Kansas where he defended his MA degree in 1992. He has had over 50 independent and over 80 group exhibitions in Japan and round the world.

He was awarded 20 international awards.  His works can be found in the collections of the following institutions: The Congress Library (USA) , The Art Academy of Kansas (Japan), The Art Museum Kourobe (Japan), The Museum of Modern Art (Romania), The Academy Kirkwood (USA);  The Museum Association of Painting and  Sculpture (Turkey); The International Museum of Biannual of Graphics (Italy), The Collection of Graphic Prints Aberitswhite (UK), The Cultural Archipelago of Gdansk (Poland), The Center for Cultural Promotion Gaude Mater (Poland), The Museum Archive of the Castle of Castiglione Abruzzi (Italy).

Almost exclusively Tsouritani works with monochromatic (black-white) mezzotint and sometimes carvings, less often copper carvings and aquatints’, and only sporadically he uses the technique of shine-collet. According to his own words, he combines the elements of the traditional Japanese art with the traditions of the European graphics in his works.  He chooses imaginary and dreamlike contents of the strong poetical expression for his works.



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