Irena Pašić

29.10 - 10.11.2015.

In my own skin

""I would like to present myself with this exhibition with a series of oil paintings, which have been made in the past years.
While I am painting, I am trying to generate a parallel world as a kind of poetic response to the questions by which I have been incited, provoked, obsessed with. In the course of painting, even before a painting appears as a vision, as an act of recognizing the shapes of iconographic signs, revelations of artistic facts happen to me owing to which I establish the bond between experience and intuition in an eternal game of known and unknown.
These responses are connected with my cognition about the outside world and painting in general but yet mostly with the acceptance of painting as an intimate act of expression.
Music, that is music elements of rhythm, represent a constant of my working process, therefore this time I made a step closer and by listening attentively to the lyric part of my being I selected paintings for this exhibition."

Irena Pašić

Irena Pašić Born in 1975 in the town of Aranđelovac, graduated in 1999, at the University of Fine Arts in Belgrade, department- painting, mastered at the same university in 2005, department drawing. During studies at the University of Fine Arts she was rewarded twice with the Award of Petar Lubarda fund and in the period from 1996 to 2002 she was receiving the scholarship of the Republic foundation for the development of science and artistic youth. After 2003 she lived and worked in Spain where she obtained PhD at the University of Barcelona (Spain), department – painting, in period from 2002 to 2006. She is a member of ULUS (Belgrade Painting Association). She has displayed at numerous group and individual exhibitions. She currently lives and works in Belgrade.


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